I am a driver

Digitalize your taxi !

iTECHiA TV offers you a collection of functionalities to facilitate your daily life.

  • Have a relevant and free communication tool inside your vehicle.
  • Benefit from an additional revenue.
  • Transform your taxi into a real moving point of sale.
  • Limit cash management.

Join a community of drivers.


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Offer your passengers a multiservice and efficient tool during their rides.

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  • iTECHiA TV's tablet offers drivers a GPS feature with the Waze application (or other appplications of their choice).
  • This feature allows drivers to optimize their rides, calculate the timing ...
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Wallet service

  • We offer drivers the possibility to use the wallet service.
  • The drivers can also access to multiple functions, such as paying bills, receive or send money to clients, pay a taxi ride, recharge phone balance ...
  • The drivers own an additional tool to facilitate their daily life easier.
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Application for booking rides

  • The drivers have the possibility to select applications to book rides as well as increasing their revenue.
  • iTECHiA TV's tablet replaces the driver's phone as a dashboard, gives a better visbility of the Map and an ease of driving.
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Measuring satisfaction

  • Passengers measure their satisfaction in real time.
  • With the HappyOrNot tool, the passenger selects the smiley that suits them.
  • It can provide insights on why they are satisfied or dissastified.
  • This quick action is done by scanning the QR code displayed on the screen.
  • The data collected thus is shared with the drivers in order to improve their services.
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WIFI access point & issuing calls

  • WIFI Access point : Free WIFI
  • Hotspot sharing with your passenger
  • iTECHiA TV's tablet offers drivers the possibility to make outgoing calls using the 20-hour free communication package
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Music streaming

  • Drivers can use the music streaming feature with the DEEZER application.
  • This function enables drivers to access to millions of music tracks, podcasts...
  • This application can improve customer experience.

Communicate efficiently with your target audience at any time of the day & region

What are my advantages ?

You obtain a relevant and free communication tool inside the vehicle. You benefit from an additional income. Your vehicle becomes a moving point of sale.




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